About Us

Welcome to the home of inspiring content.

Since its inception in January 2021, Lokuhle FM’s vision of a generation of positive-minded, well-rounded, and action-oriented individuals’ as its first-class contribution to society has never wavered.

Headquartered in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga Province in South Africa, Lokuhle FM which is a 60% music and 40% talk online radio deals with cross-cutting socio-economic issues and plays all genres of music from local and international artists.

The mission is ‘to deliver value to listeners, advertisers, employees, shareholders, and the public by offering a conducive radio platform on which everyone grows in their fields in a manner that exceeds their expectations.’

Accessing online radio has never been this easy, you can listen to Lokuhle FM at any time and anywhere in the world at the comfort of your place by streaming live on www.lokuhle.fm or by downloading the APP: Lokuhle FM. Lokuhle FM has social media presence on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter Lokuhle FM.

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